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... Blaise Pascal introduced a primitive form of roulette in the 17th century in his search for a perpetual motion machine?

The game has been played in its present form since as early as 1796 in Paris. An early description of the roulette game in its current form is found in a French novel La Roulette, ou le Jour by Jaques Lablee, which describes a roulette wheel in the Palais Royal in Paris in 1796.

Nowadays the advances in mobile technology allow players to have access to and play roulette through other options, such as tablets, notebooks, netbooks, eReaders and even smart phones. This brings a whole new level of gaming to those who want to be able to play roulette whenever the mood strikes.
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One thing to keep in mind playing roulette is that every roulette spin is an unpredictable, independent, random event. So there is no system with which you can legally make money playing the roulette over the long run.

Statistically the fact that eight blacks just came up does not mean that red is now much more likely. Black is just as likely as it ever was.

Some methods may work on the short term and it may be funny to try some of them. By the way our advice is: do not trust people promising money using any specific system.
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The Kelly Criterion is one of the most important aspects of gambling from roulette to sports betting to stock market investing. Once you understand the rules of roulette and know everything you need to know about the basics, then it’s time to explore some other aspects of roulette, particularly bet sizing and the Kelly Criterion.

Over the long run, the house that offers an American Wheel (with a double zero) versus the European or French wheel (that only has a single zero) has a better edge over you. If you are going to play roulette, then you need to make wagers with the best value and edge possible, while trying to maximize your profit and minimize any losses. A formula like the Kelly Criterion will help you maximize profits by wagering the optimal amount every time.
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Even though sometimes you can find it in a different variant like the Mini Roulette or with a different theme like the Japanese Roulette, the game of Roulette is almost always present in online and land based casinos, but let’s say the truth, winning at it can be tricky. Quite often, people misinterpret the rules of statistics and make poor use of them, which makes winning an almost impossible feat, unless they are extremely lucky. My two cents worth is that if you want to earn profits from gambling, you simply cannot rely on sheer luck.

Roulette is an extremely complex game and calculating the probabilities to the extent of predicting the numbers correctly every time is impossible. However, studies on the game indicate that the optimal approach is the one that minimizes the losses, offering the player sufficient resources to bet until the odds tilt in his favor and he begins turning a profit. So, what are the most common error proprietary to Roulette?

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roulette-betRoulette is the most popular of the casino games. Easy to learn and play and with a truly fascinating history, roulette is liked also because there are different variations to the game, which make it always new and interesting. You can find all these variants of Roulette not only at the offline or land based casinos but also at the online casinos.

The Basics

Before moving on to the variants of Roulette, it is important to understand the basics of the game. The game involves a croupier or the dealer who spins the wheel and releases a ball into the wheel. Depending upon the variant of the game, the wheel might have 37 or 38 slots. The aim in the game of Roulette is to be able to rightly predict where the ball would land once the spinning stops. Players can bet by putting in their chips at the Roulette board or table, which has the name numbers as the wheel. Let us now discuss the variants of Roulette.

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roulette-wheelIf we’d look back at the whole history of roulette, we might see how many people have tried to find unconventional ways to win the game. Some were pretty illegal, like slipping the bet after the stop of the wheel or somehow controlling the ball or bribing a complacent croupier. But only one method was really successful, spotting a biased roulette wheel.

Finding a bias is like finding the goose that lays the golden eggs. And often players who knew what to look for were able to take advantage of a manufacturing error of the wheel to win big before the casino could realize what had happened. The best thing is that it is not cheating at all. Spotting a bias is somehow considered a skill and you can keep all your winnings. The most famous case is probably that of Joseph Jaggers, a British man who was able to win the today’s equivalent of $5 million on a biased roulette wheel at the casino of Monte Carlo in 1873.

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martingale systemRoulette is an elegant casino game, filled with noblesse and flair, that has always been associated with wealth and glimmer. Also, roulette was responsible for the ultimate financial downfall of several people thinking they are smart enough to decipher its rules and outwit its system using pure mathematics. Several mathematicians have tried to find the best strategy to predict where the ivory ball will land next – but they all failed. The Martingale system is maybe the most famous result of their activity.

The Martingale system is maybe the simplest betting system ever devised, and it is also a successful one – at least in theory. In practice, though, you would need to have infinite funds and no limits on the bets you can place for it to work. Let me explain.

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roulette bonusThere are many kinds of online casino bonuses offered by the various online casinos which frequently cause uncertainty of money, hassles, and unnecessary confusion if you are not familiar with the functionality and operations of the online casinos, what they are and how they work. Here I’ll try to shortly explain the most popular types of bonuses.

Firstly and uttermost important all bonuses have some play through requirements to fulfill before you can cash out any winnings. You must ensure to know which games concur to the bonus wagering requirements, as usually several will not. A 20 x deposit wagering requirement for welcome roulette bonuses means that you need to play the deposit amount (e.g. £100) 20 times in order to withdraw the bonus amount. In other words you will have to bet £100 x 20 which is £2,000. Terms regarding game restrictions for this specific bonus require you only play on roulette, so stakes/bets placed on other games such as blackjack, baccarat or slot games will not contribute to the fulfillment of the requirements.

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Roulette, the French diminutive for little wheel was devised in 18th century and was played in Paris. Roulette has soon become one of the UK's favourite casino online games and has come a long way from its origins. The roulette wheel is thought to be a fusion of Reiner, Ace of Hearts, E.O. and an English game Roly-Poly with the single 0 version being made popular by Louis and François Blanc in the German spa casino town of Homburg. Since then, casinos have come a long way, the online casino revolution means that roulette and many other casino games can reach a wider audience 24/7.

Play French roulette online. But when you are playing at online casinos make sure you get the best Casino Bonuses first. Online casinos usually offer appealing bonuses and promotions fitting everyone's needs and budget.

casino on ipadBeing able to play casino games on your mobile right on iPhone, iPad or Android is something that has become very popular in recent years although the trend is as yet in its infancy. In order to get the best possible out of this, you should visit an online casino which has commissioned a special version of their software for games in just the mobile phone. That way you can be sure that things are working properly and that the graphics are really suitable for gaming on a mobile screen. Here, we review some points about playing casino games on the handset and the mobile casinos.

How to play casino games on your mobile

There are two ways to play your preferred online casino games on your mobile device: playing in your mobile browser or playing in the software that you downloaded and installed on your device. Which you choose is a matter of taste, but the games in the game client usually takes up less bandwidth, which is a big plus if you have not so fast mobile phone connectivity to the mobile phone, or if you want to do other things at the same time as listening to Spotify.

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If you decide to play roulette at an online casino you'll soon realize that it can be just as exciting as the real thing. Players get to place their chips and watch in anticipation as the wheel and ball spin. Look for the best online casino and try the game with a no-deposit casino bonus. Players who enjoy playing roulette online who are looking for the best Australian online casinos should visit a site like: http://www.aussiecasinogambling.com/ for some great roulette options.

You can use Australian currency when you play at All Slots Casino, the most popular casino site in Australia. That means you never need to worry about exchange rates for European casinos, so you can keep your mind on the game you're playing.

Roulette SpiralIs it possible to beat a roulette wheel? According to a recent research project by Michael Small and Michael Tse, from the University of Western Australia and Hong Kong Polytechnic University respectively, the answer is yes.
Their research suggests that the key is to determine when the ball and a certain point of the wheel pass the same point at the same time. With just a few measurements and a smartphone, it’s so possible to adjust your odds against the house.

The concept isn’t a new theory, however. In the 1970s, a graduate student from the University of California also tested the possibility of beating the system. Doyne Farmer was a mathematician who used a unique wearable computer to win the roulette tables in Vegas, but never revealed his secret. Thanks to the publication of Small and Tse’s research, Farmer has decided to break his silence.

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If you now wish to play roulette online or other casino games, claim roulette, blackjack and bingo bonuses from top casinos and bingo sites first. And to try online poker nothing is better than a fat poker bonus to start.

As technology continues to improve, slots games have reached a whole new level of innovation, creativity and excitement. Find the best slots game for you and keep on spinning for your chance to win big!