Using a roulette system at a casino requires that you record the results for a certain number of spins. Few spins can be easily kept in mind, but for elaborated systems which require from dozens to hundreds of spins to work, some kind of support is necessary to keep notice of the wheel outcomes properly.

When you go to a casino you will always find roulette scorecards where you can track results. Casinos do not mind that you use a strategy to play roulette. But if you want something more personalized and stylish, we have designed some printable Roulette Scorecards that you can take with you to the casino, or to the Saturday’s game night with friends, or even when you play online at your computer.

Below you will find a printable roulette scoring card which also includes the main kinds of bets and bet combinations for the European Roulette (single zero wheel). Just click on the image for a larger version, print out the card and have fun while you play.


I like the wheel more here (↓). Unfortunately the numbers on it are not in the right order.


And if you prefer a pin up variation …


Or maybe you just need some of the luck of the Irish


Here is a scorecard for the American version (double zero wheel). As you can see not only there is a double-zero besides the single zero, but the numbers on the wheel are in a completely different order too.


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