Even though sometimes you can find it in a different variant like the Mini Roulette or with a different theme like the Japanese Roulette, the game of Roulette is almost always present in online and land based casinos, but let’s say the truth, winning at it can be tricky. Quite often, people misinterpret the rules of statistics and make poor use of them, which makes winning an almost impossible feat, unless they are extremely lucky. My two cents worth is that if you want to earn profits from gambling, you simply cannot rely on sheer luck.

Roulette is an extremely complex game and calculating the probabilities to the extent of predicting the numbers correctly every time is impossible. However, studies on the game indicate that the optimal approach is the one that minimizes the losses, offering the player sufficient resources to bet until the odds tilt in his favor and he begins turning a profit. So, what are the most common error proprietary to Roulette?

Excessively spreading the bets across the table

The reason why this mistake is so dangerous comes from the fact that the player appears to be winning numerous times. It is attractive because at first glance winning leads you to believe that you are actually earning a profit, when in fact the low payout and the losses are slowly but steadily draining your gambling budget. Placing similar bets on both high and low numbers will prolong the gameplay, but there is basically no chance of winning in the long run. And the ball lands on 0, then you stand to lose all the money. Statistically, you have a better chance of winning by playing the same 3-5 numbers (either high or low) every time, but you need to be prepared to take the risk of losing some cash in order to attain more substantial gains later on.

Avoiding to bet on the numbers that came up in other games

Some players tend to believe that the probability of a number coming up several times in a row is reduced and will shift their bets accordingly. However, the fact that a number came up in a previous game has absolutely no influence on the statistic probability of it turning up once again. Unlike the game of Bingo, in Roulette the numbers resulted from the spin are not eliminated from play, so the chances are not modified.

Knowing when to quit the game

Establishing a loss-profit ratio before you actually sit at the table is paramount. This will be the decisive factor in quitting while you are ahead rather than risking your profits. Roulette statistics show that over the course of 37 spins, the player will always lose the average sum betted, so take this into account. It is also advisable to determine a decent profit and step away when you reach it, however hard that may be.

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