Roulette is a game that without any doubt many people like to play and enjoy. However, aside from the fun factor there are some things about the game that a player should want to be aware of, and for many people these are going to make the game even more interesting.

For instance did you know that the roulette game is referred to as the Devil’s game? Why is this? Because if one were to take all the numbers of the game that are on the wheel, these would add up to be 666, the number of the Devil.

Popularity wise, the game of Roulette is the third most popular casino game. The only other games that are more popular are the slots and craps. So it is easy to say that when looking at casinos around the world, there are more roulette tables than blackjack ones :).

There are some differences in the game depending on where you are playing. For example it is common knowledge that playing roulette in Europe will ensure more success than if you were to play in America. The reason for this is that American Roulette has one more number, the double zero. Even though this is not putting any more value into the game since the wheel still adds up to 666, it does decrease the odds of getting the certain number that you are betting on.

Other interesting fact about roulette is that the worst bet that you can make at the American Roulette table is to place a bet on ’00’, ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’. It carries the worst odds, with a 7.89% house edge.

There are several betting systems that are out there at everyone’s disposal you can try to utilize. However as I pointed out many times on this weblog, you are going to find that in the long run there is no real betting system that is going to win against the house (or at least it has not yet been discovered). The game of roulette is built mainly on chance and no amount of planning is going to help you to win this game; therefore the best strategies you can adopt are strictly related to money management optimization techniques.

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