illustration of roulette board on white backgroundA wise man once said that there is no shortcut to success. The same can be held true in the field of roulette gambling. Though glamorous and deceivingly simple on the surface, the roulette game you can play live or online is anything but that.

First off, readers should be aware of the fact that out of the hundreds of websites that are handing out strategies on how to win at roulette, some of them are not providing content in the best interest of the players. To put it simply, there is a plethora of guides that provide very little useful information on effective roulette strategies. Therefore, before you blindly heed any of the advice, you should first verify whether the source is legit and that the information is consistent throughout several other guides. Here, we will take a look at some of the principles that are applicable across the board.

1. Know the game, live the game, breathe the game

In essence, without knowing the rules of the game to the letter you cannot hope to devise a functional betting system that can account for all the variables. There are several guides that explain the rules and regulations on the web, free of charge, so why not take advantage of them? Note that in this case we are referring strictly to the set of laws that governs the game of roulette and not the strategies.

2. Establish a clear limit for your losses and stick to it

Setting a losing limit before you step into the casino and adhering to it constitute an excellent way to avoid squandering your entire budget on a poor streak of events. In the event that you simply cannot control yourself and you keep withdrawing cash from your account or the casino’s ATM in order to win back what you lost, then you might have a gambling problem. Keeping your wits about you at all times is the only way to finish on the money.

3. Dissociating between the offline and online strategies

While the online version of roulette is basically a random number generator affixed with a graphical interface that simulates the wheel spin, the offline table is a genuine wheel governed by the laws of physics. Therefore, for the latter version, mathematical probabilities as well as advanced mechanics have to be accounted for in determining the odds.

4. Never rely on betting progression for recuperating after losing streaks

Guides that suggest progression as a viable way to win back the losses (aka increasing or doubling the betting amount after a failed spin) forget to take into account that each spin has independent odds. As of such, progression does not help you recuperate losses, but will rather burn through your budget exponentially faster. In fact, it has been suggested that decreasing the betting amount after failed spins is a safer way to recover because it enables you to try your luck several more times before running out of money.

5. Stay away from gambling establishment that shun pro roulette players

The fact that casino owners are not very fond of professional gamblers due to the obvious reason that they have several ways to mitigate the house edge is no secret. However, not all of them employ borderline illicit practices such as switching the dealer/wheel when the player gets a “lucky” streak or creating distractions. The key to maximizing your odds are to find an establishment that’s not anti pro-players.

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