Casino Roulette on whiteStrategy for online roulette is a mystery to many people and millions of people the world over see strategy on games like roulette as unimportant simply because you cannot gain an edge at the game. While that is true, it is no different to any other game where the player cannot gain an edge. But also true is that if you play online roulette poorly then you will increase the house edge against you.

An example of why a strategy for roulette online should be used can be seen quite clearly here. Let’s suppose you are playing French roulette with “La Partage” rule, which dictates that if the ball lands on zero, half of bets on 1-18/19-36, red/black, and even/odd are returned. Let us say that you wanted to place $10 on the first and second dozens covering the numbers 1-24 (first and second block of twelve numbers). These two bets both pay 2/1 if they win and so your $20 wager returns $30 for a profit of $10. However if the zero comes then you lose your entire wager. The next question is “how can we improve this bet” considering “La Partage” rule?

The answer is simple but yet surprising to many people. We simply split our $20 wager not into two lots of $10 on two separate dozens but into one bet of $15 on low numbers 1-18 with the remaining $5 being placed on the six lines covering the numbers 19-24 which pays 5/1. While both winning bets return the same $30 as in the previous example, the benefit of a strategy for online roulette can be clearly seen when zero arrives. In the first instance we lose the entire $20 while in the second instance we get back half of our $15 wager and so we retain $7.50.

With single zero roulette and the “La Partage”, the house edge is 0.5*1/37 = 1.35%. This combination is available with Microgaming French Roulette, Boss Media French Roulette, Cryptologic European VIP Roulette, Wagerworks, Chartwell, Kismet, and live French roulette games offered by Playtech and Evolution Gaming.

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